Access more than 2,500 websites with just one password

Be it for legal or for ethical reasons: Medical websites and apps often cannot do without a password protected area. To spare your visitors the trouble of having to keep track of dozens of passwords, DocCheck provides an authentication service for medical professionals. And in this way you will be opening up your websites and apps to an exclusive but wide public, namely, the DocCheck Community, with more than 500,000 users. More than 2,500 websites already use the DocCheck authentication system - is yours among them?

You offer websites, microsites, eDetails and online CME: surely you'd like to know how well it is received by what kind of customers? DocCheck CReaM allows you to utilize sophisticated statistics for a precise review of your success. Be in charge of individualized offers, sorted, for instance, by profession, language or country. Make use of the professional key data of your visitors (only with their consent of course) and pass it on to your own CRM system. This does not only save a trip to the IT department, but above all, it also dispenses with the tedious maintenance and updating of databases.

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